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even if you don’t live in canada, you could have canadian followers, don’t you dare scroll past this.

Gyuri : Anna Sui 2012

"You can pull his merchandise, pull him from the concert, promotions, and separate him from his brothers and members, but you can not pull him from our memories and hearts."

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He decided to leave the group, they didn’t “separate” him.

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i get really upset when i see posts like this…

you prolly aren’t in the fandom yet when kaisoo used to be a BTS couple

when hunhan weren’t shy with each other

when baekyeol was all over the place

None of them are real couples , They’re just close friends. I don’t know why fans seem to pair two guys because of stupid interactions.This is the same way I act with my friends and for those who don’t know, it’s normal in korea to be this close to same sex friends.

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DBSK armpit collection: yunho 
I just had to do this.